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To say Indonesian language (bahasa) doesn’t have tenses is not true. Definitely, we have ways to express time frame in bahasa. However, if you are native english then you will think that bahasa is weird in terms of tenses. More extreme case, probably native english will just simply say no tenses at all in bahasa.

Why is that like that?

The main reason is we do not change verb in order to express time specific. For example, the past form of  ‘go’ is ‘went’. That is not the case in bahasa. “Go” and “went” are one word that is “pergi”. Whether we say it now or yesterday, it make no difference at all. Now, do you understand?

It give rise another question. How do people know if they talk about now or past. Well, for ordinary conversation, we can simply know it by context. For case of writing, then we need to be specific by using adverb of time. Adverb of time is enough to give description about the happening event.


Alright,…enough for now since I am sleepy

Bahasa Indonesia

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Lets learn about bahasa indonesia,

I = Saya or Aku

eat = makan

now we come to example

I eat salad : Saya makan salad ,……wooow yes you did it, now you have mastered bahasa indonesia, isn’t it cool?

the answer is no,  and now go to next step

You : Kamu or Kau

Like: Suka


Saya suka makan kamu: I like to eat you,………..WOW, and another WOW, how cool you are now with indonesia language.


now advanced step

She/He: Dia

Kiss: Cium


Dia cium salad saya : He/she kiss my salad,…..Now take a good look in bahasa DIA can be SHE or HE. There is now way to tell which one is the DIA, you need to get the information of gender by context.  How simple is it, isn’t it?


And that is enough for now,…


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Let the world know what happen to this blog

This blog or ketela had been suspended for considerably long time. The reason of suspension was  a simple word that so called advertising. Since the curiosity to monitize blog, ketela had joined review service that is we are paid for review product in our blog. Spesifically, it was blogvertise.

Well, it really gave me  numbers at my paypal acount. For while, everything was going smooth. However, for one day, I found that ketela was not accesible or it was suspended due to violation of terms of service……

Oh….boy………, that was disastrous,

I really didnt’ know or honestly I really didn’t read about terms of service. How  could I know whether advertising was allowed or not?

Then, afterwhile the word restitution was very meaningful for me. I contacted wordpress, I begged to return my blog, I promised I will delete any kind of advertising in my blog.


here we go……

ketela go international is back from long hibernation……..

Rianti Cartwright

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rianti cartwright

rianti cartwright

The first thing in my mind about Rianti is BEAUTIFULL

No one doubt that She has different beauty that other actress. Rianti become famous because She become MTV VJ, model, advertising, Video Clip model, and movie star that make her more famous.

One of the famous movie starred by Her is ayat-ayat cinta. Sadly, I have to honest that ayat-ayat cinta is not good movie for me, but it become very great movie in my eyes just because Rianti played on that movie. Just enough Rianti to make it very good. Just Stand in front of camera is very great, moreover if she interact or do some acting…

Ok, I am the big fans of rianti


When you will marry me?


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17 August is independent day of Indonesia. Indonesia was born at 17 August 1945 when Mr Soekarno proclaims the independence of Indonesia. Since then, we always celebrate 17 august as independent day.

Usually there are parties of independent day. Those parties are such kind of traditional contest. Example of contest are sack race (balap karung), eat cracker (makan kerupuk), etc. We really enjoy this event. People or especially kid are very happy with the contest.

In other case, at school or at state office, we celebrate it by ceremony of raising bendera merah putih (national flag of Indonesia). This ceremony is meant to respect the heroic struggle of national war.

Happy Birthday for my beloved Country


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Well, I think it is same as church bell unless bedug has sound like
dug, dug, dug….

Bedug is known as a tool in mosque used to call moslem to pray. It is made from big wood. Its center is hollow so that it make one big cylinder. The front of bedug is covered with animal skin as a membrane to produce sound. As I remember, commonly the membrane is come from goats skin

In order produce sound, we have to hit the membrane so hard. It will produce heavy and low tone sound, but the sound of bedug can be heard even if from far distance.

Well, bedug is one unique thing in Indonesia.


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I think it is common, if one family has a servant for housekeeping in Indonesia. The fact that we have high population and it could low our GDP. So, only few people have high quality of life, and the other have low quality of life. Peoples who have low quality of life will work anything that support him to survive, one of them is become servant.



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One of the nice thing in Indonesia is, there is only two season in a year. We call it “kemarau” season (dry season) and “dingin” season (rainy season). There are no fall, winter, spring, etc.

So, we don’t experience extreme condition, such as when winter temperature fall below 0­0 C and when summer it rise more than 35 0 C. In here, Indonesia, daily temperature range is between around 21-33 0 C whatever our season is.



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Ketela umbi : Have you take your ID-card? It has been a mount since you go to local office

Ketela akar : well, it hasn’t finished yet

Ketela umbi : What take it so long?

Ketela akar : hmm, you know, bureaucracy!!

The actual meaning of bureaucracy has been distorted. Don’t be surprise, in Indonesia, commonly, the word bureaucracy has pejorative meaning.


Cheap and delicious

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Delicious food doesn’t have to be expensive.!!

We called it “gado-gado”. Eating gado-gado means we change our human nature which is omnivore to become herbivore. That’s right, gado-gado only consist of vegetables. Such as spinach, cabbage, etc.

To prepare gado-gado, we have to put all vegetables in one plate then pour it with what we called “sambal kacang”. Sambal kacang is special sauce for gado-gado. Mainly, it consists of peanut, but to get spicier we mix it together with hot chili. Sambal kacang and vegetables are just the best delicious soul mate.


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