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Posted in atmosphere,transportation by ketela on April 2, 2008
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Indonesia has the largest bus stop, if you ask where it is. It is everywhere. Ok, quiet confusing, isn’t? I mean it, it is really everywhere. Actually we have the real bus stop, but it doesn’t work properly. So everyone just ignore the existence of bus stop. In Indonesia, if we take regular bus, we can stop everywhere. Just say to “kondektur” (co-driver), you want to stop at this street, this place, or whatsoever. They will stop the bus exactly where you want to stop.

It is quite normal, I think. In here, road and transportation is not quite well-organized. The system of transportation doesn’t support us to be discipline to stop just at the bus stop. So, next time you use bus, do not try to ask to kondektur where the next stop is, instead the kondektur will ask you where you want to stop.


5 Responses to 'BUS STOP'

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  1. aRuL said,

    baru pulang ke indonesia yakz?
    ehehehe begitulah indonesia 🙂

    *asli sini kok 🙂

  2. bagsholic said,

    he he he iyah pasti baru pulang ke Indonesia?
    enak di penumpang, nga enak di pengguna jalan yang lain.
    Let’s just take the good and bad! ‘I love ID’ movement!

    *itu lah keadilan

  3. mittamitt said,

    yaah.. beginilah Indonesia..
    Jakarta terutama
    tapi, apapun itu, aku tetap cinta Indonesiaa 🙂

    *sama gw juga love Indonesia

  4. jimmy said,

    kalo di sini naik bus mau turun musti ketok2 koin ke tiang yang ada di bus supaya kedengeran sama sopirnya n berhenti 😦

    *teriak juga bisa 😛

  5. Okta Sihotang said,

    masa sih g tw bgimana indonesia itu ??

    *sama2 tahu dong

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