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Posted in transportation by ketela on April 5, 2008
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Cinta laura ojek gambar

1. transportation
2. similar like taxi
3.. Instead of use car, it use motorcycle

Yuup, the answer is ojek, and the person who has job as ojek we call it as “tukang ojek”

Actually, this is little sad if we ask why there is ojek in Indonesia. We all know, it is very hard to find job in Indonesia. So instead of being jobless, some people have initiative to become tukang ojek

So, what is ojek itself?
Just like taxi they take people to their destination. Because it use motorcycle, of course it is cheaper than taxi. Normally the price is depend on how far your destination is, but there is no fixed standard price about how far and how much money we have to pay. People just know if we go from this region to that region we pay this much for example Rp. 3000. Sometime if we recognize “tukang ojek”, we will be charged cheaper, because “tukang ojek” doesn’t feel alright if charge us to much

So, next time you feel tired of walk, just call “ojek, ojek, come here please”


4 Responses to 'OJEK'

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  1. Hujan jadi buecek, mana gak ada takang uojek…. Huh, cape dueh…

  2. ketela said,

    hehehehe cape deh

  3. cah kene said,


    cualah cendili cekalang cuincha juadi tzukang ojzex…

  4. nkB2 said,

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