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Posted in food by ketela on April 9, 2008
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rambutan dari wikipedia

Rambutan means hairy. But it is not animal or human. Rambutan is fruit; fruit that is commonly ate in Indonesia.

The fruit really has hair. The size of rambutan is as big as Ping-Pong ball. The anatomy of rambutan is, the outer layer is the skin. The skin is thick, and different like apple, we don’t eat the skin. The middle layer is the fruit it self, some variety has liquid in middle layer and some are not. The only we can eat is the middle layer. The inner layer is seed. Just throw seed in Indonesia’s land and it will grow to become new tree.

I just can tell you that rambutan is one of my favorite fruit. I can’t give total description about taste of rambutan by combination of letters. I will give slight description about taste of rambutan. The taste of rambutan is combination of sweet and acid that meet at proper scale and will give us amazing taste.


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  1. hehe.. kalau di tempat saya ada kebun nya. jd kalau mau makan rambutan tinggal metik aja.

  2. Eucalyptus said,

    Wuaaaa….. saya penggemar rambutan neh

  3. Pribadi said,

    Could we call it hairy now? imagine that you really eat a heap of hair!
    Btw, gambar rambutannya cukup menggoda…

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