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Posted in atmosphere by ketela on April 11, 2008
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We all know that pavement is supposed to use by pedestrian. It is quiet surprising, because at some place in Indonesia there are some vendors who use pavement for place to sell. Really annoying, pedestrians don’t have place to walk anymore.

It is common situation in Indonesia. From my point of view, people are getting used to with condition like that. Actually the people don’t complain to the local government, instead they like the condition, because they don’t have to go far to buy something just go to nearest pavement.

So, next time you want buy food or something else, go to nearest pavement. May be you will find what you need



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  1. Donny Reza said,

    Sebenernya yang paling ‘annoying’ itu kalo para pengendara motor udah masuk ke trotoar. Sebetulnya hak kita menghalangi mereka dan gk mau ngalah, tapi daripada berantem akhrinya kita yang minggir.

  2. ketela said,

    emang tuh, padahal kan hak para pejalan kaki, akhirnya pejalan kaki juga yang ngalah

  3. hilda said,

    kadang bete,,kadang juga suka suka aja liatnya.
    tau deh..kadang pedagang kaki lima jadi sesuatu yg gw cari klo lagi bepergian. punya daya tarik sendiri

  4. ketela said,

    yup. pedagang di sana emang udah kita anggep biasa, bahkan kalo di blok m malah keseringan liat2 dvd or liat2 baju di situ

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