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Posted in food by ketela on April 14, 2008
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Normally, tree of rambutan is so big, very big, like tropical forrest tree. It can grow more than 10 meters height and the trunk diameter can grow more than 1 meter long. The opposite, the fruit of rambutan is so small compare than the tree. So big stuff produce small stuff and in order get those small stuff we have to make an effort or in other word we have to climb to get the fruit.

There is season when the tree will have fruit. I just don’t understand, but the fact is every tree rambutan will have fruit at same time .So, we can’t eat rambutan at any time, but we have to wait the rambutan season come. In Indonesia when rambutan season come, There will be many vendors who sell rambutan.

So, be patient, in order feel great taste we have to wait.


5 Responses to 'RAMBUTAN(2)'

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  1. chic said,

    baru kemaren musim rambutan berlalu :mrgreen:

  2. ketela said,

    udah puas kan menikmati rambutannya, tinggal tunggu musim selanjutnya

  3. nuha said,

    artinya ….???hehe…

  4. ketela said,

    artinya, sabar yah 😀

  5. Andy Young said,

    Kalau boleh sudi mampir di blog kami. Sekarang mau “improve my poor Indonesian Malay.”

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