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Posted in atmosphere,transportation by ketela on April 21, 2008
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I can understand when there is a president pass road, so the road have to be close for the sake of security.

I can understand when there is a International event that need high security and then road around that has to be closed.


In Indonesia

I can’t understand why road has to closed just for event like wedding ceremony, dangdut concert, and layar tancap (a kind movie theater). Anyway, who has authority to close and unclose the road? Even my motorcycle can not get through it, and I had to turn back and find another road.

In my opinion, road is public facility. Many people use it. So we can not sacrifice public need just for few people interest. I just hope that, they realize that act of closing road is really disturbed for many people who use the road.

So, next time you heard there will be dangdut performance, and then prepare to find another road


3 Responses to 'CLOSED ROAD'

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  1. mittamitt said,

    bener tuh
    jalan kan milik bersama
    egois itu namanya

  2. ketela said,

    iya, betul
    harusnya kalau ada show dilapangan aja kan

  3. ketela said,

    cipelat itu yang kecil rambut pendek, dan daginggnya mudak terkelupas

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