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Posted in food by ketela on April 24, 2008
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There are many variety of rambutan. The most popular is ciplat. Ciplat is smaller than the others of rambutan. The hair is not much, and the hair is more big and solid. Inside fruit, there is not much liquid in there. Why ciplat is most popular is because the taste is very very very … sweet. There is little acidic taste, dominant taste is sweet taste. Because of that, ciplat is more expensive than other rambutan.

So ciplat is smaller stuff but has great taste.

So don’t ever underestimate small stuff


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  1. kidungjingga said,

    gaptan (gagap rambutan) deh.. ko g pernah tau ada rambutan jenis ciplat…

  2. hilda said,

    ciplat?? yg mana yah?

  3. ketela said,

    rambutan cipelat itu yang rambutnya pendek dan buahnya ngelotok, 🙂

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