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Posted in atmosphere,transportation by ketela on April 27, 2008
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We call it jabotabek train.

The place to test our ability to survival.

Survive from thief,

survive from human pressure(when train is full),

survive from high speed (where you sit on top of train),

survive from delayed arrival, and

survive from ticket officer(we have to sneak, if we don’t buy a ticket)

well, I just can say, we have highly developed technique for survive of all of that

I really hope in the future everything is getting better.

this condition is really annoying

I hope government aware of that


2 Responses to 'REGULAR TRAIN'

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  1. nuha said,

    promo bgt gt loh. dapet apaan sih dr sono?? (bener g sih penafsiran b.inggrisku, jangan2 gak nyambung…hiyah…)

  2. ketela said,

    ini malah bukan promo, ini kan review jelek, kereta bobek yang gak nyaman

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