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Wow, komodo is scary animal.

Komodo is species that can only be found in Indonesia. Their natural habitat is in Indonesia, Specifically in komodo island. It is a large reptile and they are natural predator

Some people refer komodo as dragon or naga. Well, for me, komodo and naga is very different entity. Komodo is real thing, real animal, it is live in this world. But naga is fictitious character that can only found in fictive story. I can assurre you that komodo can’t fly like naga does.

Next time you visit Indonesia and see komodo,

Don’t worry, they can not blast a fireball J



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Inul Daratista

We will continue the post about dangdut.

Inul is a famous dangdut singer. The great thing about inul is, she is pioneer of goyang dangdut that lead to major controversy.

Inul comes up with new “goyang” which we call as “ngebor” (drill). She spin her hip so quickly that look like drilling something. This “ ngebor” lead to major controversy.

Some people said “ngebor” is very erotic. And it is a form of pornoaction that must be censored. They demand that “ngebor” must be stopped because it can degradated children morality.

On other hand, some people said “ngebor” is an artistic dance. That is a form of human expression. So they said “ngebor” must seen as a result of human creativity.

Well, because of those major controversies, Inul itself become famous. She becomes an actress movie, commercial model, etc.

After that, there are many dangdut singer who follow Inul’s idea. New “goyang” emerged, like “ngecor”, “khayang”, and “patah-patah”. Each of this “goyang” are popularized by different singer.

Finnaly, dangdut has come to new era.

If you want watch “ngebor”, watch this video


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Bung Karno

Our profile this week goes to Mr. Soekarno or usuallly called bung Karno.

The first question is, who is he?

What does he do?

What is connection to Indonesia ?

Ok, first time I heard about bung karno is when I was in elementary school. Anyone tell me that he is founding father, hero, orator, etc. He fought for freedom of country which we know as Indonesia. Then he becomes the first president of Indonesia.

From him, I learn about spirit, it is about enthusiasm to do something we like. Then, I learn about struggle as well, because in order to get what we want we have to struggle. And the amazing thing that I learn from him that, in this life may be we will not get what we struggle for but our next generation will get it. They don’t have to experience about hard life that we had , so just believe that future will be better.


A Hero that struggle for freedom, there is must be many things that we can learn from him. This post is just a kind of celebration, because 6 june is day when he was born.


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Bambu runcing

Sharp Bamboo

Let’s go back a century before when Indonesia is in age of colonialism.

Elementary school always tell student that Indonesia fought the Colonialist by “bambu runcing”.

So what is “bamboo runcing” ?

“Bambu runcing” is weapon that made from bamboo. They sharpened the bamboo so it can be deadly weapon. The function is like spear. It wounded the target by piercing them.

They must be brave because their enemy is rifle.

The symbol of “bambo runcing” is used is many region to symbolized bravery, sacrifice in order to get fredoom.


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The Cendol

Cendol is one of the beverages in Indonesia.

Cendol beaverages consist of three ingredients. They are coconut milk (santan), liquid brown sugar, and cendol it self which made of rice powder. All ingredients are mixed then we put ice to become complete cendol beverage.

Well, I think cendol is delicious enough for me. Moreover, it is refreshing if we drink cendol when wheter is so hot. And the best thing about cendol is the price is not expensive, it is very cheap.

No more I can say about cendol, just try it!!!


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Goyaaaang, bleeh,…..!!! à (Shake it, dude)

Do you know one of these name:

Dewi Persik, Inul Daratista, Trio Macan, Anisa Bahar, etc

Well, they are singer. They sing one of genre music in Indonesia. We call it as dangdut music

Dangdut is one of a popular music genre in Indonesia.

As I know and many peoples tell me that the most important thing in dangdut is “goyang” (shake/dance). They said that dangdut will be fun if we “goyang”, dangdut without “goyang” is tasteless

Well, as I know, “goyang” dangdut has so many type. Some of them are “ngebor”, “ngecor”, “khayang”, and “patah-patah”. Each of them are popularized by different famous dangdut singer.

Well, if you visit Indonesia, don’t forget to try go to dangdut concert and try “goyang” dangdut


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Believe it or not ?

The price of software windows home edition is below 1.0 US$.

Believe it !!!

because it is not legal, it is pirated windows

It is quiet common in Indonesia to buy software with very cheap price. Because pirated software is very easy to obtain. Well, there is many pirated stuff in Indonesia such as software, dvd movie, music dvd, etc.

The good side is, cost of learning something is greatly reduced. For instance, if I want to learn about photoshop, I can afford pirated photoshop or just borrow photoshop CD from my friend, and easily install in my computer without buy the real of photoshop software. From this fact, there are many peoples who master computer without have to go to formal school. This condition really helps to reduce numbers of jobless in Indonesia

The negative side (some people say positive side) is all entertainment with very cheap price. This is really become paradise with full entertainment. But, if we can’t control our self, we will spend too much time for entertainment. Sometime it makes us lazy, and for me it makes me to watch movie all day.

Just beware,

To control our self, because

We don’t just consume pirated stuff, but also pirated stuff consumes us.

Lumping horse

Posted in performance by ketela on May 10, 2008
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This is not a horse that you usually saw on the zoo, lumping horse is a dance performance originated from Indonesia. Horse itself is made from a bamboo that arrange after the horse body, the dancer ride the lumping horse and dance until the dancer becoming trance with the traditional music play.

What is so special about the lumping horse dance, its only dancer with a fake horse and playing traditional music?


Monkey Mask

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We call it “topeng monyet”. This is not a mask which takes after monkey face or even masks that used by monkey. Monkey mask is an attraction parade did by a monkey and its trainer, that monkey will do activity that take after human activity. Like ride bicycle, get to make-up, job going, shopping, etc.

We not necessarily go to a specific place to watch monkey mask show, since those shows will visit us. This is a road show where they travel the entire place that profitable for show and expect audience to give money for action what they do.



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I am not sure about what is English translation of word dukun?.

It is like the person who has the capability of doing mystic stuff.

In the modern world, in which our daily life has been greatly influenced by science, the word “dukun” has pejorative meaning. Because many people don’t believe in “dukun”, so they think “dukun” is just the person who deceive in order to get live.


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