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Posted in atmosphere by ketela on May 1, 2008
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In, Indonesia

Do you know a lot of college text book have price below 10 US$ ?


The price of international book is too high for Indonesia people. It would be impossible to afford such high price book. So, instead buy from publisher they photocopy/duplicate the book. There are many photocopy vendors which provide service to duplicate the book.

Photocopy vendors have highly developed technique for duplicate books. They can duplicate book with very similar from the real book. There are many option of duplication book which offered by vendors. The option for example, we want soft cover, hard cover, or no cover. Sometime, I think, for some vendors the duplication book is better than the real book.

So, don’t be surprise, in Indonesia, many people have their own library.


I mean own library of duplicate books.


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  1. aRuL said,

    in other country too….
    ketika sy di philipina rata2 buku fotokopian juga ada koq.

    tapi enak mereka, beberapa buku edisi yg mahal tu, ada versi murahnya dengan kertas yg tipis gitu…
    gimana ngak berkembang

  2. tatianak2 said,

    Mau gimana ya… Duitnya terbatas, jumlah buku asli di perpus kampus juga terbatas.. Sementara kita butuh berbagai literatur buat nembah isi kepala.. Ya apa boleh buat,., ngopy deeh..

    Btw, gw juga punya lemari buku yang sekian persennya diisi oleh copy-an text book..

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