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Posted in people by ketela on May 4, 2008
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I am not sure about what is English translation of word dukun?.

It is like the person who has the capability of doing mystic stuff.

In the modern world, in which our daily life has been greatly influenced by science, the word “dukun” has pejorative meaning. Because many people don’t believe in “dukun”, so they think “dukun” is just the person who deceive in order to get live.

Well, Indonesia is big country, there is only little city area, the others are village. Especially in rural area, dukun’s still exist in there. If someone sick, they will take to dukun to be healed. If one want to get mate easily, or turn people who dislike him become suddenly like him, “dukun” is their destination.


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  1. Reconciler said,

    In my count-ry dukun is “smart people” do you see it?
    dukun a.k.a orang pintar is a smart people..

    …hohoho ngomong apa gw….

    usually i wrote my last sentence in Indonesia,but special for u i’ll write it in english:

    warm hug from here

  2. ketela said,

    you can write your last sentance in any language 🙂

  3. nuha said,

    di gresik ada desa namanya DUKUN, tapi bukan berarti orang sekampung profesinya dukun semua ato bahkan hobi ke dukun…
    Hmm…ndukun yah…belum pernah nyoba tuh…

  4. hanny said,

    it’s shaman, i guess. the english word for dukun. though I am not sure whether they perform any santet rituals.

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