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Monkey Mask

Posted in performance by ketela on May 7, 2008
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We call it “topeng monyet”. This is not a mask which takes after monkey face or even masks that used by monkey. Monkey mask is an attraction parade did by a monkey and its trainer, that monkey will do activity that take after human activity. Like ride bicycle, get to make-up, job going, shopping, etc.

We not necessarily go to a specific place to watch monkey mask show, since those shows will visit us. This is a road show where they travel the entire place that profitable for show and expect audience to give money for action what they do.

Seeing monkey do human activity things really arouse humors taste. But don’t forget to remember how the process before the monkey can conduct the show. The monkey trainer will train the monkey with a hard way; it’s more like a torture than a train. Maybe monkey trainer won’t see it as torturing; they will think that this is the best thing for that monkey. Is monkey mask show still made you laugh, after you know how they train their monkey?


3 Responses to 'Monkey Mask'

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  1. reconciler said,

    trying to promote indonesia?? *good job*

    when i was at elementary school,i really scare to see this show..

    Salam hangat dari sini.

  2. ketela said,

    sekarang gak takut lagi kan

    salam hangat 🙂

  3. Reconciler said,


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