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Posted in atmosphere by Indosandi on May 13, 2008
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Believe it or not ?

The price of software windows home edition is below 1.0 US$.

Believe it !!!

because it is not legal, it is pirated windows

It is quiet common in Indonesia to buy software with very cheap price. Because pirated software is very easy to obtain. Well, there is many pirated stuff in Indonesia such as software, dvd movie, music dvd, etc.

The good side is, cost of learning something is greatly reduced. For instance, if I want to learn about photoshop, I can afford pirated photoshop or just borrow photoshop CD from my friend, and easily install in my computer without buy the real of photoshop software. From this fact, there are many peoples who master computer without have to go to formal school. This condition really helps to reduce numbers of jobless in Indonesia

The negative side (some people say positive side) is all entertainment with very cheap price. This is really become paradise with full entertainment. But, if we can’t control our self, we will spend too much time for entertainment. Sometime it makes us lazy, and for me it makes me to watch movie all day.

Just beware,

To control our self, because

We don’t just consume pirated stuff, but also pirated stuff consumes us.


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