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Posted in performance by Indosandi on May 16, 2008
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Goyaaaang, bleeh,…..!!! à (Shake it, dude)

Do you know one of these name:

Dewi Persik, Inul Daratista, Trio Macan, Anisa Bahar, etc

Well, they are singer. They sing one of genre music in Indonesia. We call it as dangdut music

Dangdut is one of a popular music genre in Indonesia.

As I know and many peoples tell me that the most important thing in dangdut is “goyang” (shake/dance). They said that dangdut will be fun if we “goyang”, dangdut without “goyang” is tasteless

Well, as I know, “goyang” dangdut has so many type. Some of them are “ngebor”, “ngecor”, “khayang”, and “patah-patah”. Each of them are popularized by different famous dangdut singer.

Well, if you visit Indonesia, don’t forget to try go to dangdut concert and try “goyang” dangdut


4 Responses to 'GOYANG DANGDUT'

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  2. dee said,

    i dont like dewi persik..
    terlalu mengekspose badannya (mungkin lelaki justru suka ya..)
    lebay bgt orgnya..
    suara paspasan..
    akting jelek..
    tampang sok mesum..
    ga banget lah..

  3. […] GOYANG DANGDUT — 2 comments […]

  4. dangdut sera said,

    mksh kang dangdutnya

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