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Layangan is Indonesian term for Kite.

Layangan is made from light thin wood assembled into particular shape. it covered by material like paper. Then we attached long string to layangan. layangan will fly if there is a wind, then we drive layangan by string attached to layangan.

When I was a kid, there is particular way to fly layangan without so much wind. First we rise it not to high. Then we need to run as fast as possible, so that there will be wind because we are running. After that, we release the string slowly, it will increase altitude of layangan. After layangan has enough altitude and it is stable, then we can play layangan



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I just don’t understand why I often saw many people in Indonesia throw trash anywhere they like. I don’t think they fell guilty about throw trash anywhere. Their faces don’t show emotion of guilty or regretful.

Well, not all Indonesian are like that, many people are responsible and discipline anyway. I believe the reason of case above is about rule and regulation. There is no strict rule and regulation about throwing trash anywhere. Even there is written regulation about that, the enforcement cannot be done continuously. I think this is fundamental reason of case above.

If this condition cannot be stop, it will become culture of Indonesia people. Other country will think that Indonesia is dirty or not clean country. Well, it is reasonable, to change this habit for better life of our next generation.

I hope future will be better


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Pletokan is a traditional toy in Indonesia.

I believe the name of pletokan is come from its sound. The sound of pletokan is “pletok”.

So pletokan is something that gives out sound “pletok”.

Pletokan is made by bamboo. There are two parts of pletokan. The first is hollow cylindrical bamboo and the second is stick that matches the size of hollow cylindrical bamboo.

To give sound of “pletok”, we need ammunition. But don’t be scare, the ammunition is wet paper. Yup, we put wet paper at tip of first part of pletokan, then we push it strongly with the second part. Then, the result, it will sound “PLETOK”

Well, maybe it is traditional version of gun toy.


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Picture of tape singkong

“Tape singkong” is one of the foods that I usually eat in Indonesia.

As you can see from the image above, color of “tape singkong” is yellow. And “tape singkong” is very soft. The taste is combination of sweet and acid.

“Tape singkong” is made from cassava. The process to make “tape singkong” is fermentation. Cassava is fermentated by help of bacteries. After that, color of cassava is changing to be yellow and it become softer.

“Tape singkong” is sold by salesman door to door. Usually, salesman of “tape singkong” will offer it by say “tapeeuuuik” loudly. If we hear that, we know that there is a salesman who sells tape singkong. Then we can go to the salesman and order “tape singkong”.

In Indonesia the price of “tape singkong” is very cheap, so why don’t you try it.


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Sunat is Indonesian’s term for circumcision.

Commonly, young boys are circumcised in Indonesia. Family which boys are circumcised will celebrate it. If the family is rich, they will celebrate it by big party.

For Indonesian boys, when they get circumcised, they will get a lot of money from other people. Usually Indonesian boys have dream, when they get circumcised, they will buy what they want.

On other side, many boys are scared of circumcision. The pain of circumcision is very scary, because of that their parents promise if the boys are get circumcised their parent will buy stuff what boy want. So that, the boy will not scare by circumcision.

Well, just one of the culture in Indonesia


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Wow, I think this is very old and traditional tool that is still used today.

You can see picture above, that is what “ulekan” look like.

The function of “ulekan” is same like today blender. It mix all ingredients to single one complete spice. Instead of forced by electricity, “ulekan” forced by hand or our muscle. So the act of using “ulekan” is very tired

“Ulekan” itself consist of two main part. First part is rock shaped like bowl so-called “cobek” . This part is where all ingredients take place. Second part is rock to mix all ingredients or “ulekan” it self. So to using “ulekan” first we place all ingredients to first rock then we use second rock to mix or blend by press ingredients to first rock.

Don’t be surprise, if we blend onion or chili by “ulekan”, we will cry. I have tried that once, and it is really happening to me. I believe there is gas that comes from onion when we blend it by “ulekan”. This gas is responsible for makes us cry. So there is no something sad about blend onion by “ulekan”, that is just respond our eyes to gas of onion.

Old people told me that taste of food which mix by “ulekan” is more delicious than use by today blender.

Well, if you want to know about that, just leave blender and use “ulekan”


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Indonesia is a country which has rich culture. Each province or region bears their own culture. So there are many local languages beside national language.

It is very common if people in Indonesia are able to speak national language and their local language. Sometime there is a joke that come from one local languages, so when person tell that joke, the only ones can understand are the people that come from same region. The others cannot understand that joke.

There are many local languages in Indonesia. Each language is very complicated and has theirs own structure. Furthermore, in each language lies wisdoms and story about life. So there are many wisdom and stories in Indonesia.

I just want to tell you that Indonesia has very rich wisdoms and stories.


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“Indo” or “blasteran” is common indonesian term for people who have parent from different race. But one of them is comes from Indonesia. Above are example “indo” people, each of them are Cinta Laura, rianti cartwright, dan Nabila Syakieb.

The characteristic that we can see clearly from “indo” is skin color. Naturally, many people in Indonesia have skin color tan. But you can see picture above, their skin color are different from common Indonesia skin color.

Many people tell me that, usually “indo” is more beautiful than native/local people. Well, hmm, for the case of example above, I certain about that. But, I think I disagree for general case, “indo” just has unique skin color. And many artists are native/local people actually. And we cannot generalize that “indo” is more beautiful anyway.

Well, this is another term that commonly used in Indonesia.


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Stop in here please!!!

Angkot is a common public transportation in Indonesia. It is not bus, it is a car. The seat is not point to the front but side by side, so that a lot of people can get in.

We don’t have to buy ticket to use angkot. We pay cost of transportation when we arrive at our destination. Moreover, we can stop anywhere anytime, every road is place for angkot to stop.

Because there is no formal agrement about cost of using angkot, sometime I see a passenger argue about the cost. The passenger thinks that the cost is too much, but the driver thinks that the passenger is stingy. Well, this phenomenon will never you see unless you visit Indonesia