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Posted in transportation by Indosandi on June 6, 2008
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Stop in here please!!!

Angkot is a common public transportation in Indonesia. It is not bus, it is a car. The seat is not point to the front but side by side, so that a lot of people can get in.

We don’t have to buy ticket to use angkot. We pay cost of transportation when we arrive at our destination. Moreover, we can stop anywhere anytime, every road is place for angkot to stop.

Because there is no formal agrement about cost of using angkot, sometime I see a passenger argue about the cost. The passenger thinks that the cost is too much, but the driver thinks that the passenger is stingy. Well, this phenomenon will never you see unless you visit Indonesia


5 Responses to 'ANGKOT'

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  1. reconciler said,

    hehehe angkot’s user ha?

  2. TYO GAPTEK said,

    Well, this phenomenon will never you see unless you visit Indonesia>>>>Hahaha the amazing angkot

  3. anginbiru said,

    this kind of transportation makes the crowd..!! haha,, coz they stop anywhere the passenger want… so..??

  4. zao said,

    …unless you visit Indonesia

    try to promote visitindonesia2008?? hehehe :p

  5. Pribadi said,

    isn’t there any other country where angkot found also?

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