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Posted in term by Indosandi on June 9, 2008
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“Indo” or “blasteran” is common indonesian term for people who have parent from different race. But one of them is comes from Indonesia. Above are example “indo” people, each of them are Cinta Laura, rianti cartwright, dan Nabila Syakieb.

The characteristic that we can see clearly from “indo” is skin color. Naturally, many people in Indonesia have skin color tan. But you can see picture above, their skin color are different from common Indonesia skin color.

Many people tell me that, usually “indo” is more beautiful than native/local people. Well, hmm, for the case of example above, I certain about that. But, I think I disagree for general case, “indo” just has unique skin color. And many artists are native/local people actually. And we cannot generalize that “indo” is more beautiful anyway.

Well, this is another term that commonly used in Indonesia.


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  1. hilda said,

    mungkin indo dibilang lebih cakep gara2 kebanyakan indo yg orang2 tau itu ya artis. artis ga mungkin ga cakep lah ya..

  2. nina said,

    Anggapan kebanyakan orang emang gt sih.. Indo lebih cakep… tapi bnyak juga Indo yang biasa aja cuma beda warna kulit aja…. dan banyak juga Indonesia asli yang lebih cakep dr Indo….:)

  3. Brian said,

    I don’t know what are you talking about,
    but she have a perfect body and breast.Beautiful.

  4. adit said,

    Indo emg bd ma yg laen ckep2

  5. mohamed said,

    nabila tina mezewzna bezaaaaaaaaaaaaaf tehala fe zainek ok

  6. kak koq ngak mainzzzzzzzzzzz lg zisc d cnta dan anugerah krenzzz bangetz tau kak vilemz nya aq jd ketagihan pingenz main lg vilemnya yg d cnta dan anugerah kak plez maen lagihz y terzerah dec mau jm brpa kan yg pntingz main !!!!!!!!!!!! ky vilemz yg lainznya kn da yg mainnya jm 3 malem, apa jm 5 zubuh , yk kakz main lg dongz aq pengenz main soalnya yg maen tu orang nya cntek ** o ya q krinmzzzzzzzzzzzz zalam buat kak yazmin,dan yg lainz=2 yg maenz d cnta dan anugerah yh kn aq kangenzzzzzzzz ma vilemzzzzzzzzzzzzz cinta dan anugerah dan aq jg ngevenz banget ma yg main d cnta dn anugerah y jgn lp blazzz ok!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. azza said,

    hahaha kwkwkw kak bguz bangetzzzz lho velemzzz nya cnta dan anugerah huahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  8. ayu said,

    , kag q ngfanz bangettttttttttttttttttt ma kag nabila
    q pingin kag maen agy di cinta . anugrah

  9. yassin said,


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