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Posted in atmosphere by Indosandi on June 15, 2008
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Wow, I think this is very old and traditional tool that is still used today.

You can see picture above, that is what “ulekan” look like.

The function of “ulekan” is same like today blender. It mix all ingredients to single one complete spice. Instead of forced by electricity, “ulekan” forced by hand or our muscle. So the act of using “ulekan” is very tired

“Ulekan” itself consist of two main part. First part is rock shaped like bowl so-called “cobek” . This part is where all ingredients take place. Second part is rock to mix all ingredients or “ulekan” it self. So to using “ulekan” first we place all ingredients to first rock then we use second rock to mix or blend by press ingredients to first rock.

Don’t be surprise, if we blend onion or chili by “ulekan”, we will cry. I have tried that once, and it is really happening to me. I believe there is gas that comes from onion when we blend it by “ulekan”. This gas is responsible for makes us cry. So there is no something sad about blend onion by “ulekan”, that is just respond our eyes to gas of onion.

Old people told me that taste of food which mix by “ulekan” is more delicious than use by today blender.

Well, if you want to know about that, just leave blender and use “ulekan”


7 Responses to 'ULEKAN and COBEK'

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  1. pudakonline said,

    never forget the history! 😀

  2. reconciler said,

    whoa, i have more than one,u know..

  3. hilda said,

    tapi menurut gw sih enakan makanan yg di’ulek’ daripada diblender. kerasa beda aja gitu

  4. wen said,

    yup, its more tasty if we use ulekan. & don’t forget we can goyang inul too when we blend chili & other things hehehe its the art of ngulek2 sambel yaaah;p salam kenal, bole tukeran link?

  5. Davis Simpson said,

    My wife is Indonesian, and she wants a Ulekan to prepare her favorite dishes.
    Do you think I can find one here in Adelaide, South Australia. No way.
    I went to China town and they just had blank looks on the faces.
    I just can’t find a supplier.
    Any Ideas?

  6. […] Source: […]

  7. […] call it so because the way we prepare it is we grind the spices with an indonesian mortar pestle (cobek/ulekan). If you got your tahu gejrot from the local seller, you will se they do this with full-force, […]

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