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Posted in food by ketela on June 21, 2008
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Picture of tape singkong

“Tape singkong” is one of the foods that I usually eat in Indonesia.

As you can see from the image above, color of “tape singkong” is yellow. And “tape singkong” is very soft. The taste is combination of sweet and acid.

“Tape singkong” is made from cassava. The process to make “tape singkong” is fermentation. Cassava is fermentated by help of bacteries. After that, color of cassava is changing to be yellow and it become softer.

“Tape singkong” is sold by salesman door to door. Usually, salesman of “tape singkong” will offer it by say “tapeeuuuik” loudly. If we hear that, we know that there is a salesman who sells tape singkong. Then we can go to the salesman and order “tape singkong”.

In Indonesia the price of “tape singkong” is very cheap, so why don’t you try it.


10 Responses to 'TAPE SINGKONG'

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  1. reconciler said,

    even now singkong has been mixed with chocolate n cheese and its price is only 5thousand idr…i love it

  2. hohohoho… indonesia bgt!!!!

  3. dhimaskeren said,

    tape singkongnya memancarkan cahayaaa….

    jajan ndeso yang mengenyangkan dan bergizi tinggi.
    indonesia banget..

    thx 4 commin eniwei:)

  4. wew.. tape singkongnya..
    Indonesia punya! 🙂

    yap very cheap, and i can make it by myself.
    i’ve tried! hhe

  5. haSna- ^_^ said,

    tape bondowoso, dah pernah nyoba belum…??? kalo tape panggang gimana, dah pernah ngerasain juga??? kalo stup tape, jus tape, godho tape/rondo royal/tape goreng tepung…..hmm….enak kok…

  6. puputs said,

    mendingan tape ketan.. lebih nyuuus

  7. wen said,

    tape singkong is maknyusss hehehe hmmm delicious, so tasty!!!

  8. Qie said,

    Rindu dng makanan desa seperti itu….

  9. nee said,

    Unfortunately… I don’t like tape singkong… I prefer just cassava… I love it!!

  10. kutupa said,

    i love all kind of food:D

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