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Posted in games by Indosandi on June 24, 2008
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Pletokan is a traditional toy in Indonesia.

I believe the name of pletokan is come from its sound. The sound of pletokan is “pletok”.

So pletokan is something that gives out sound “pletok”.

Pletokan is made by bamboo. There are two parts of pletokan. The first is hollow cylindrical bamboo and the second is stick that matches the size of hollow cylindrical bamboo.

To give sound of “pletok”, we need ammunition. But don’t be scare, the ammunition is wet paper. Yup, we put wet paper at tip of first part of pletokan, then we push it strongly with the second part. Then, the result, it will sound “PLETOK”

Well, maybe it is traditional version of gun toy.


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  1. ulan said,

    ha?? mainan apa itu?? emang bener ya ada di sini??

  2. dee said,

    kayanya sm pernah main deh waktu kecil.. tapi, namanya bukan pletokan… apa yaa.. saya lupa.. namanya aja yg beda tapi permainannya sm.. sekrg sih dah ga ada yg mainin pletokan, apalagi anak2 di kota besar..

  3. F4U said,

    Gue dulu sering bikin sendiri di hutan yang banyak pohon bambunya.
    Sampe gatel2 tuh kulit kalo dah kena rambut dari bambu yang nempel di badan kita. Tapi emang seru kalo dah jadi maenannya, kalo suara pletok nya kenceng rasanya puas banget.

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