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Posted in atmosphere,people by Indosandi on June 27, 2008
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I just don’t understand why I often saw many people in Indonesia throw trash anywhere they like. I don’t think they fell guilty about throw trash anywhere. Their faces don’t show emotion of guilty or regretful.

Well, not all Indonesian are like that, many people are responsible and discipline anyway. I believe the reason of case above is about rule and regulation. There is no strict rule and regulation about throwing trash anywhere. Even there is written regulation about that, the enforcement cannot be done continuously. I think this is fundamental reason of case above.

If this condition cannot be stop, it will become culture of Indonesia people. Other country will think that Indonesia is dirty or not clean country. Well, it is reasonable, to change this habit for better life of our next generation.

I hope future will be better


3 Responses to 'TRASH'

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  1. ulan said,

    lah ya itu dia kapan kita bikin orang indonesia sadar kalo buang sampah sembarangan itu adalah kejahatan..

  2. mike said,

    halooo..makasi ucapannya ya…
    kayaknya baru sekali ini aq mampir ksini..
    salam kenal..:)

  3. herru said,

    it will not become our culture but it has been already our culture

    sad to say but it is the fact

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