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Posted in games by Indosandi on June 30, 2008
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Layangan is Indonesian term for Kite.

Layangan is made from light thin wood assembled into particular shape. it covered by material like paper. Then we attached long string to layangan. layangan will fly if there is a wind, then we drive layangan by string attached to layangan.

When I was a kid, there is particular way to fly layangan without so much wind. First we rise it not to high. Then we need to run as fast as possible, so that there will be wind because we are running. After that, we release the string slowly, it will increase altitude of layangan. After layangan has enough altitude and it is stable, then we can play layangan


5 Responses to 'LAYANGAN(1)'

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  1. elmo said,

    waaa..layangan..terakhir kali ku mainan layangan, pas SD.. 😀

  2. benazio said,

    but why i never can get it fly above my head hahaha

  3. Qie said,

    Kulit aQ hitam sampai sekarang gara maen layangan!!!

  4. zao said,

    hoho,, layangan,, so nostalgic^^
    in the past, me n my brothers love to fly layangan when “musim layangan” come XD

  5. Grosir LAYANGAN Murah said,

    Silahkan bagi yang tertarik membeli layangan untuk dijual lagi di
    Trima Kasih

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