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Posted in atmosphere by Indosandi on July 3, 2008
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Terminal is place where bus or angkot stop.

Usually route of bus is from terminal to other terminal. As I know, usually there is traditional market near terminal.

What I see from terminal is so scary, so crowded, so hot, so dirty. Wow, so scary because many stories tell me that we have to careful of thief at there. So crowded because there are a lot of bus which park there improperly .So hot because, I don’t know weather is just so hot in there. So dirty, it is really dirty, people in there just ignore the existence of word “trash can”.

someone please change this condition!


2 Responses to 'TERMINAL'

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  1. Qie said,

    Kondisi terminal di Indonesia parah banget menurut aQ,,, banyak pencopetnya

  2. zao said,

    “we have to careful of thief at there.”
    thief and also preman XD hehehe..

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