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Posted in atmosphere by Indosandi on July 9, 2008
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In Indonesia sometimes peace doesn’t refer to positive thing. For example if we are stopped by police because of speeding or we break any kind of law in the road. Then if we say “damai di tempat” (peace at this place), it means we make deal with officer that he doesn’t have to fine us, but we must pay amount of money to the officer. Or in other word the “peace” stuff means we buy the law.

Honestly, it is quite common in Indonesia. The uncomfortable thing is we have to bargain how much money we have to pay in order not to get ticket. Sometime the bad police blackmail us. They demand high amount of money like Rp 50.000. In that case, follow my advice, pretend to be poor people. Said like this”please sir, if I give you Rp 50.000, I will not have money to eat. I just can give you Rp 10.000.” then “if you accept my Rp 10.000, I will pray you that you long live, live in prosperity, enter to paradise if you die.” Then wait the reaction of officer


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  1. Reconciler said,

    not every officer will accept this action..

    my friend experience 🙂


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