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Posted in food by Indosandi on July 12, 2008
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Durian is one of the fruit that I like it.

Durian is big fruit with hard spiky skin. It has yellow skin. And it is as big as melon, but durian has very hard skin.

To eat durian we need to open the hard skin. It is very difficult, because the skin is so tough. We cannot open it by hand but we need tool such as knife, etc. And actually, it need special skill to open it.

The great things about durian is taste of fruit. It is very very very sweet. It is not just ordinary sweet like sugar. It has unique specific distinctive particular special sweet that cannot be describe by single word, sentence or whatsoever.

So, wisdom from durian is what outside is very different from what inside. In case of durian, the outside is very hard ugly spiky skin. But after we can open it, we will get very precious undescribable taste.

So don’t judge people from the outside


3 Responses to 'DURIAN'

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  1. merahitam said,

    Waduh, pakai bahasa Inggris. Bacanya mesti pas senggang nih. :p

    btw, durian itu salah satu buah kesukaanku. Biasanya, kalau lagi suntuk, sama temen-temen sekantor pergi berburu durian.

  2. mysepty said,

    i love durian!!! so much!!! 🙂

  3. brillie said,

    i love durian..

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