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Posted in atmosphere by Indosandi on July 18, 2008
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In indonesia, term preman refer to bad guy or criminal.

Many people tell me that term “preman” is come from word “freeman”. That’s mean preman is man that don’t want be bound by any kind of rule. They chose to live free, just do what they like.

Explanation above is theoretically correct. But in practical, preman is just bad person that collect money that doesn’t belong to them. They operate at many places, such as traditional market, terminal, even in our neighborhood. Well, the money that is given to preman is called “uang keamanan” (security money).

The terrible things if we don’t give amount money to preman, they will do vandalism. So , this is about business of fear.

Well, I worry about this condition.

I hope someday justice will be done!


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  1. reconciler said,

    oh god,please keep me away from this kind of “freeman”.. amiin. 😉

  2. Hiu said,

    padahal sering saya meyakinkan diri…
    I’m a freeman..
    I’m a freeman..
    I’m a freeman..
    ternyata kalo sudut mandangnya beda.. resultnya jadi negatif yah.
    tapi percaya deh aku larinya ga ke freeman = preman ko…
    lam kenal. thanks dah mampir.

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