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Cheap and delicious

Posted in food by ketela on July 21, 2008
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Delicious food doesn’t have to be expensive.!!

We called it “gado-gado”. Eating gado-gado means we change our human nature which is omnivore to become herbivore. That’s right, gado-gado only consist of vegetables. Such as spinach, cabbage, etc.

To prepare gado-gado, we have to put all vegetables in one plate then pour it with what we called “sambal kacang”. Sambal kacang is special sauce for gado-gado. Mainly, it consists of peanut, but to get spicier we mix it together with hot chili. Sambal kacang and vegetables are just the best delicious soul mate.

The best thing about gado-gado are low fat (yaah, because there is no meat), cheap (for me, of course), and the taste is not bad (zero meat great taste, coca cola zero sugar). Last things, if you are on diet program, or if you are vegetarian or if you, if you don’t have much money to eat, or if you just crazy person to try every taste in this world. I suggest go to traditional restaurant, and order to waitress “one gado-gado, please”.


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  1. reconciler said,

    its Almost easy to find this kind of food too..beside that this is very healhty food except there’re so many nut..but its okay,no problem..still delicious and recomended by me!

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