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Posted in atmosphere by ketela on July 24, 2008
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Ketela umbi : Have you take your ID-card? It has been a mount since you go to local office

Ketela akar : well, it hasn’t finished yet

Ketela umbi : What take it so long?

Ketela akar : hmm, you know, bureaucracy!!

The actual meaning of bureaucracy has been distorted. Don’t be surprise, in Indonesia, commonly, the word bureaucracy has pejorative meaning.

If we said “bureaucracy”, it refers to corrupt system, the system that is made to be inefficient and ineffective as possible. The system makes us to wait very long, with very uncomfortable place to wait. Moreover, bureaucrat in there really doesn’t serve us nicely. They don’t smile, don’t speak politely and etc

So some people will chose another way that is give some money to the burecrat, and then the people don’t have to experience the complex and frustrating system. Well, we can’t just blame all bureaucrat, because you know, in Indonesia they don’t get appropriate salary. Their salary is not enough for the cost of living. So, it is normal if the system has been shifted for their survival.

Then, if you say “what take it so long?”

I just can say “Welcome in Indonesia”


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