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Rianti Cartwright

Posted in people by Indosandi on November 20, 2008
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rianti cartwright

rianti cartwright

The first thing in my mind about Rianti is BEAUTIFULL

No one doubt that She has different beauty that other actress. Rianti become famous because She become MTV VJ, model, advertising, Video Clip model, and movie star that make her more famous.

One of the famous movie starred by Her is ayat-ayat cinta. Sadly, I have to honest that ayat-ayat cinta is not good movie for me, but it become very great movie in my eyes just because Rianti played on that movie. Just enough Rianti to make it very good. Just Stand in front of camera is very great, moreover if she interact or do some acting…

Ok, I am the big fans of rianti


When you will marry me?


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  1. Aisa said,

    Hahahaha…you must ask directly to her to know when he will marry you ? :d

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