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Bahasa Indonesia

Posted in Uncategorized by Indosandi on February 28, 2012

Lets learn about bahasa indonesia,

I = Saya or Aku

eat = makan

now we come to example

I eat salad : Saya makan salad ,……wooow yes you did it, now you have mastered bahasa indonesia, isn’t it cool?

the answer is no,  and now go to next step

You : Kamu or Kau

Like: Suka


Saya suka makan kamu: I like to eat you,………..WOW, and another WOW, how cool you are now with indonesia language.


now advanced step

She/He: Dia

Kiss: Cium


Dia cium salad saya : He/she kiss my salad,…..Now take a good look in bahasa DIA can be SHE or HE. There is now way to tell which one is the DIA, you need to get the information of gender by context.  How simple is it, isn’t it?


And that is enough for now,…