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17 August is independent day of Indonesia. Indonesia was born at 17 August 1945 when Mr Soekarno proclaims the independence of Indonesia. Since then, we always celebrate 17 august as independent day.

Usually there are parties of independent day. Those parties are such kind of traditional contest. Example of contest are sack race (balap karung), eat cracker (makan kerupuk), etc. We really enjoy this event. People or especially kid are very happy with the contest.

In other case, at school or at state office, we celebrate it by ceremony of raising bendera merah putih (national flag of Indonesia). This ceremony is meant to respect the heroic struggle of national war.

Happy Birthday for my beloved Country



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Sunat is Indonesian’s term for circumcision.

Commonly, young boys are circumcised in Indonesia. Family which boys are circumcised will celebrate it. If the family is rich, they will celebrate it by big party.

For Indonesian boys, when they get circumcised, they will get a lot of money from other people. Usually Indonesian boys have dream, when they get circumcised, they will buy what they want.

On other side, many boys are scared of circumcision. The pain of circumcision is very scary, because of that their parents promise if the boys are get circumcised their parent will buy stuff what boy want. So that, the boy will not scare by circumcision.

Well, just one of the culture in Indonesia