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Cheap and delicious

Posted in food by ketela on July 21, 2008
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Delicious food doesn’t have to be expensive.!!

We called it “gado-gado”. Eating gado-gado means we change our human nature which is omnivore to become herbivore. That’s right, gado-gado only consist of vegetables. Such as spinach, cabbage, etc.

To prepare gado-gado, we have to put all vegetables in one plate then pour it with what we called “sambal kacang”. Sambal kacang is special sauce for gado-gado. Mainly, it consists of peanut, but to get spicier we mix it together with hot chili. Sambal kacang and vegetables are just the best delicious soul mate.




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Durian is one of the fruit that I like it.

Durian is big fruit with hard spiky skin. It has yellow skin. And it is as big as melon, but durian has very hard skin.

To eat durian we need to open the hard skin. It is very difficult, because the skin is so tough. We cannot open it by hand but we need tool such as knife, etc. And actually, it need special skill to open it.

The great things about durian is taste of fruit. It is very very very sweet. It is not just ordinary sweet like sugar. It has unique specific distinctive particular special sweet that cannot be describe by single word, sentence or whatsoever.



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Picture of tape singkong

“Tape singkong” is one of the foods that I usually eat in Indonesia.

As you can see from the image above, color of “tape singkong” is yellow. And “tape singkong” is very soft. The taste is combination of sweet and acid.

“Tape singkong” is made from cassava. The process to make “tape singkong” is fermentation. Cassava is fermentated by help of bacteries. After that, color of cassava is changing to be yellow and it become softer.

“Tape singkong” is sold by salesman door to door. Usually, salesman of “tape singkong” will offer it by say “tapeeuuuik” loudly. If we hear that, we know that there is a salesman who sells tape singkong. Then we can go to the salesman and order “tape singkong”.

In Indonesia the price of “tape singkong” is very cheap, so why don’t you try it.


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There are many variety of rambutan. The most popular is ciplat. Ciplat is smaller than the others of rambutan. The hair is not much, and the hair is more big and solid. Inside fruit, there is not much liquid in there. Why ciplat is most popular is because the taste is very very very … sweet. There is little acidic taste, dominant taste is sweet taste. Because of that, ciplat is more expensive than other rambutan.

So ciplat is smaller stuff but has great taste.

So don’t ever underestimate small stuff


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Normally, tree of rambutan is so big, very big, like tropical forrest tree. It can grow more than 10 meters height and the trunk diameter can grow more than 1 meter long. The opposite, the fruit of rambutan is so small compare than the tree. So big stuff produce small stuff and in order get those small stuff we have to make an effort or in other word we have to climb to get the fruit.


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rambutan dari wikipedia

Rambutan means hairy. But it is not animal or human. Rambutan is fruit; fruit that is commonly ate in Indonesia.

The fruit really has hair. The size of rambutan is as big as Ping-Pong ball. The anatomy of rambutan is, the outer layer is the skin. The skin is thick, and different like apple, we don’t eat the skin. The middle layer is the fruit it self, some variety has liquid in middle layer and some are not. The only we can eat is the middle layer. The inner layer is seed. Just throw seed in Indonesia’s land and it will grow to become new tree.