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Let the world know what happen to this blog

This blog or ketela had been suspended for considerably long time. The reason of suspension was  a simple word that so called advertising. Since the curiosity to monitize blog, ketela had joined review service that is we are paid for review product in our blog. Spesifically, it was blogvertise.

Well, it really gave me  numbers at my paypal acount. For while, everything was going smooth. However, for one day, I found that ketela was not accesible or it was suspended due to violation of terms of service……

Oh….boy………, that was disastrous,

I really didnt’ know or honestly I really didn’t read about terms of service. How  could I know whether advertising was allowed or not?

Then, afterwhile the word restitution was very meaningful for me. I contacted wordpress, I begged to return my blog, I promised I will delete any kind of advertising in my blog.


here we go……

ketela go international is back from long hibernation……..



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Bambu runcing

Sharp Bamboo

Let’s go back a century before when Indonesia is in age of colonialism.

Elementary school always tell student that Indonesia fought the Colonialist by “bambu runcing”.

So what is “bamboo runcing” ?

“Bambu runcing” is weapon that made from bamboo. They sharpened the bamboo so it can be deadly weapon. The function is like spear. It wounded the target by piercing them.

They must be brave because their enemy is rifle.

The symbol of “bambo runcing” is used is many region to symbolized bravery, sacrifice in order to get fredoom.