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To say Indonesian language (bahasa) doesn’t have tenses is not true. Definitely, we have ways to express time frame in bahasa. However, if you are native english then you will think that bahasa is weird in terms of tenses. More extreme case, probably native english will just simply say no tenses at all in bahasa.

Why is that like that?

The main reason is we do not change verb in order to express time specific. For example, the past form of  ‘go’ is ‘went’. That is not the case in bahasa. “Go” and “went” are one word that is “pergi”. Whether we say it now or yesterday, it make no difference at all. Now, do you understand?

It give rise another question. How do people know if they talk about now or past. Well, for ordinary conversation, we can simply know it by context. For case of writing, then we need to be specific by using adverb of time. Adverb of time is enough to give description about the happening event.


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“Indo” or “blasteran” is common indonesian term for people who have parent from different race. But one of them is comes from Indonesia. Above are example “indo” people, each of them are Cinta Laura, rianti cartwright, dan Nabila Syakieb.

The characteristic that we can see clearly from “indo” is skin color. Naturally, many people in Indonesia have skin color tan. But you can see picture above, their skin color are different from common Indonesia skin color.

Many people tell me that, usually “indo” is more beautiful than native/local people. Well, hmm, for the case of example above, I certain about that. But, I think I disagree for general case, “indo” just has unique skin color. And many artists are native/local people actually. And we cannot generalize that “indo” is more beautiful anyway.

Well, this is another term that commonly used in Indonesia.