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Stop in here please!!!

Angkot is a common public transportation in Indonesia. It is not bus, it is a car. The seat is not point to the front but side by side, so that a lot of people can get in.

We don’t have to buy ticket to use angkot. We pay cost of transportation when we arrive at our destination. Moreover, we can stop anywhere anytime, every road is place for angkot to stop.

Because there is no formal agrement about cost of using angkot, sometime I see a passenger argue about the cost. The passenger thinks that the cost is too much, but the driver thinks that the passenger is stingy. Well, this phenomenon will never you see unless you visit Indonesia



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We call it jabotabek train.

The place to test our ability to survival.

Survive from thief,

survive from human pressure(when train is full),

survive from high speed (where you sit on top of train),

survive from delayed arrival, and

survive from ticket officer(we have to sneak, if we don’t buy a ticket)

well, I just can say, we have highly developed technique for survive of all of that

I really hope in the future everything is getting better.

this condition is really annoying

I hope government aware of that


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I can understand when there is a president pass road, so the road have to be close for the sake of security.

I can understand when there is a International event that need high security and then road around that has to be closed.


In Indonesia

I can’t understand why road has to closed just for event like wedding ceremony, dangdut concert, and layar tancap (a kind movie theater). Anyway, who has authority to close and unclose the road? Even my motorcycle can not get through it, and I had to turn back and find another road.



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Cinta laura ojek gambar

1. transportation
2. similar like taxi
3.. Instead of use car, it use motorcycle

Yuup, the answer is ojek, and the person who has job as ojek we call it as “tukang ojek”



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Indonesia has the largest bus stop, if you ask where it is. It is everywhere. Ok, quiet confusing, isn’t? I mean it, it is really everywhere. Actually we have the real bus stop, but it doesn’t work properly. So everyone just ignore the existence of bus stop. In Indonesia, if we take regular bus, we can stop everywhere. Just say to “kondektur” (co-driver), you want to stop at this street, this place, or whatsoever. They will stop the bus exactly where you want to stop.