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17 August is independent day of Indonesia. Indonesia was born at 17 August 1945 when Mr Soekarno proclaims the independence of Indonesia. Since then, we always celebrate 17 august as independent day.

Usually there are parties of independent day. Those parties are such kind of traditional contest. Example of contest are sack race (balap karung), eat cracker (makan kerupuk), etc. We really enjoy this event. People or especially kid are very happy with the contest.

In other case, at school or at state office, we celebrate it by ceremony of raising bendera merah putih (national flag of Indonesia). This ceremony is meant to respect the heroic struggle of national war.

Happy Birthday for my beloved Country



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Well, I think it is same as church bell unless bedug has sound like
dug, dug, dug….

Bedug is known as a tool in mosque used to call moslem to pray. It is made from big wood. Its center is hollow so that it make one big cylinder. The front of bedug is covered with animal skin as a membrane to produce sound. As I remember, commonly the membrane is come from goats skin

In order produce sound, we have to hit the membrane so hard. It will produce heavy and low tone sound, but the sound of bedug can be heard even if from far distance.

Well, bedug is one unique thing in Indonesia.

Cheap and delicious

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Delicious food doesn’t have to be expensive.!!

We called it “gado-gado”. Eating gado-gado means we change our human nature which is omnivore to become herbivore. That’s right, gado-gado only consist of vegetables. Such as spinach, cabbage, etc.

To prepare gado-gado, we have to put all vegetables in one plate then pour it with what we called “sambal kacang”. Sambal kacang is special sauce for gado-gado. Mainly, it consists of peanut, but to get spicier we mix it together with hot chili. Sambal kacang and vegetables are just the best delicious soul mate.



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In indonesia, term preman refer to bad guy or criminal.

Many people tell me that term “preman” is come from word “freeman”. That’s mean preman is man that don’t want be bound by any kind of rule. They chose to live free, just do what they like.

Explanation above is theoretically correct. But in practical, preman is just bad person that collect money that doesn’t belong to them. They operate at many places, such as traditional market, terminal, even in our neighborhood. Well, the money that is given to preman is called “uang keamanan” (security money).



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Durian is one of the fruit that I like it.

Durian is big fruit with hard spiky skin. It has yellow skin. And it is as big as melon, but durian has very hard skin.

To eat durian we need to open the hard skin. It is very difficult, because the skin is so tough. We cannot open it by hand but we need tool such as knife, etc. And actually, it need special skill to open it.

The great things about durian is taste of fruit. It is very very very sweet. It is not just ordinary sweet like sugar. It has unique specific distinctive particular special sweet that cannot be describe by single word, sentence or whatsoever.



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After Layangan flown by the wind, we drive it by string at ground. If we release the string, layangan will start to wobble. That is the way to change direction of layangan. When we get direction what we want, the we pull the string very fast to move it forward. That is the way to drive layangan.

Playing layangan is not just drive it at sky, but we can fight with another layangan. We fight by trying to break off the string of another layangan. Well, it actualy needs special skill but the most important is the string that we use.

There are many variety of layangan’s string. It different by their sharpness. Some of them are “kenur”, “gilasan”, “barjo”, etc. Don’t not try to fight layangan with string “gilasan” if we only have string “kenur”, our oppenent will beat us so easily.

For me, playing layangan is very interesting.
I hope kids today still know and play layangan.


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Terminal is place where bus or angkot stop.

Usually route of bus is from terminal to other terminal. As I know, usually there is traditional market near terminal.

What I see from terminal is so scary, so crowded, so hot, so dirty. Wow, so scary because many stories tell me that we have to careful of thief at there. So crowded because there are a lot of bus which park there improperly .So hot because, I don’t know weather is just so hot in there. So dirty, it is really dirty, people in there just ignore the existence of word “trash can”.

someone please change this condition!


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Layangan is Indonesian term for Kite.

Layangan is made from light thin wood assembled into particular shape. it covered by material like paper. Then we attached long string to layangan. layangan will fly if there is a wind, then we drive layangan by string attached to layangan.

When I was a kid, there is particular way to fly layangan without so much wind. First we rise it not to high. Then we need to run as fast as possible, so that there will be wind because we are running. After that, we release the string slowly, it will increase altitude of layangan. After layangan has enough altitude and it is stable, then we can play layangan


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I just don’t understand why I often saw many people in Indonesia throw trash anywhere they like. I don’t think they fell guilty about throw trash anywhere. Their faces don’t show emotion of guilty or regretful.

Well, not all Indonesian are like that, many people are responsible and discipline anyway. I believe the reason of case above is about rule and regulation. There is no strict rule and regulation about throwing trash anywhere. Even there is written regulation about that, the enforcement cannot be done continuously. I think this is fundamental reason of case above.

If this condition cannot be stop, it will become culture of Indonesia people. Other country will think that Indonesia is dirty or not clean country. Well, it is reasonable, to change this habit for better life of our next generation.

I hope future will be better


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Pletokan is a traditional toy in Indonesia.

I believe the name of pletokan is come from its sound. The sound of pletokan is “pletok”.

So pletokan is something that gives out sound “pletok”.

Pletokan is made by bamboo. There are two parts of pletokan. The first is hollow cylindrical bamboo and the second is stick that matches the size of hollow cylindrical bamboo.

To give sound of “pletok”, we need ammunition. But don’t be scare, the ammunition is wet paper. Yup, we put wet paper at tip of first part of pletokan, then we push it strongly with the second part. Then, the result, it will sound “PLETOK”

Well, maybe it is traditional version of gun toy.

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