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Posted in games by Indosandi on July 6, 2008
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After Layangan flown by the wind, we drive it by string at ground. If we release the string, layangan will start to wobble. That is the way to change direction of layangan. When we get direction what we want, the we pull the string very fast to move it forward. That is the way to drive layangan.

Playing layangan is not just drive it at sky, but we can fight with another layangan. We fight by trying to break off the string of another layangan. Well, it actualy needs special skill but the most important is the string that we use.

There are many variety of layangan’s string. It different by their sharpness. Some of them are “kenur”, “gilasan”, “barjo”, etc. Don’t not try to fight layangan with string “gilasan” if we only have string “kenur”, our oppenent will beat us so easily.

For me, playing layangan is very interesting.
I hope kids today still know and play layangan.



Posted in games by Indosandi on June 30, 2008
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Layangan is Indonesian term for Kite.

Layangan is made from light thin wood assembled into particular shape. it covered by material like paper. Then we attached long string to layangan. layangan will fly if there is a wind, then we drive layangan by string attached to layangan.

When I was a kid, there is particular way to fly layangan without so much wind. First we rise it not to high. Then we need to run as fast as possible, so that there will be wind because we are running. After that, we release the string slowly, it will increase altitude of layangan. After layangan has enough altitude and it is stable, then we can play layangan


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Pletokan is a traditional toy in Indonesia.

I believe the name of pletokan is come from its sound. The sound of pletokan is “pletok”.

So pletokan is something that gives out sound “pletok”.

Pletokan is made by bamboo. There are two parts of pletokan. The first is hollow cylindrical bamboo and the second is stick that matches the size of hollow cylindrical bamboo.

To give sound of “pletok”, we need ammunition. But don’t be scare, the ammunition is wet paper. Yup, we put wet paper at tip of first part of pletokan, then we push it strongly with the second part. Then, the result, it will sound “PLETOK”

Well, maybe it is traditional version of gun toy.


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Doesn’t have to be scare, bentengan is just traditional kid game in Indonesia. The concept of playing is quite simple, we defend our base, and we attack our enemy (other friend) base. Don’t let our enemy touch our base!!

SO, what are our weapons to attack and defend?

We attack and defend just by touching, One of the main rule of the game is the latest person who touch their base has more power. If they touch enemy who touch their base in the first, the enemy will be captured. And can be release by the touch of their friend. The purpose of the game is to touch enemy base, and don’t let our enemy touch our base